Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cover Updates

I don't know if I ever shared the first cover I had made for the novel I will be attempting to write next month, but in the even that I did I have since changed the name of my work in progress. The name I had originally picked was Shadows of the Night, but as my plot has continued to change the name didn't really seem to fit anymore. Then the other day I was driving home from somewhere and I was listening to music and the song Roundtable Rival by Lindsey Stirling started playing.

As the song was playing I felt like it fit more with the idea that I have for my novel. I have probably shared this already but in case you haven't heard it yet, my novel idea is a loose retelling of the story/legend of King Arthur and the knights of the roundtable. So that is how the name for my novel changed from being named after one song to being named after a different one.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Anne of Avonlea Word Crawl

As you probably know by now I have taken to writing word crawls. This is my third one so far. Last year as my first crawl I did the book Anne of Green Gables and when I shared it again on the NaNoWriMo site* this year someone asked if there were other crawls from the series and I said that I was going to work on a crawl for the second book "Anne of Avonlea" and here it is. I hope you enjoy it :) And I promise that this will be my last word crawl for a while so that I won't bore you with too many of them.

Photo by Edoardo Busti on Unsplash
Chapter I. An Irate Neighbor: Write 500 words as Mr. Harrison tells Anne that her cow was in his oat field again and she tells Marilla about it over tea.

Chapter II. Selling in Haste and Repenting in Leisure:  If you're a planner, write 200 words as Anne and Diana Berry discuss the Improvement Society. If you're a plantser or a pantser write between 300 words and 600 words as Anne and Diana find a cow in Mr. Harrison’s oat field and Anne sells it to Mr. Shearer and then finds it wasn’t her cow.

Chapter III. Mr. Harrison at Home: Sprint for 15 minutes while Anne explains to Mr. Harrison about the cow mix-up.

Chapter IV. Different Opinions: Do a 1k30minute challenge as Anne, Gilbert Blythe, and Jane Andrews discuss teaching their pupils.

Chapter V. A Full-fledged Schoolma’am: Add 957 words as Anne teaches her first day of school and speaks with one of the parents.

Chapter VI. All Sorts and Conditions of Men…and Women: Do a fifty-headed hydra while the Improvement Society’s plans are discussed by the town.

Chapter VII. The Pointing of Duty: Roll a die and multiply the number by 6 and write that many words as Anne and Gilbert discuss their students.

Chapter VIII. Marilla Adopts Twins: Do a three-digit challenge as Marilla brings the twins Dora and Davey to Green Gables.

Chapter IX. A Question of Color: Write 5% of your current word count (max 1,000 words) while the new color of the hall is discussed by the Improvement Society.

Chapter X. Davy in Search of a Sensation: Write 652 words as Anne tells Davy that it is wrong to tell falsehoods.

Chapter XI. Facts and Fancies: Sprint for 6 minutes while Anne writes to a friend from Queen’s Academy.

Chapter XII. A Jonah Day: Write to the nearest thousand as Anne has a bad day at school.

Chapter XIII. A Golden Picnic: Do a 1k30minute challenge as Anne, Diana, Jane and Priscilla picnic in the woods.

Chapter XIV. A Danger Averted: Write 500 words while the Improvement Society decides how to stop Judson Parker from renting his fences for advertisements.

Chapter XV. The Beginning of Vacation: Write for 3 minutes as Anne goes to the graveyard with Paul Irving to put flowers on Matthew’s grave.

Chapter XVI. The Substance Things Hoped For:  Roll a die and multiply the number by 150 and write that many words while Anne explains to Davy where heaven is.

Chapter XVII. A Chapter of Accidents: Write 3% of your total word count as Anne and Diana wait anxiously for Priscilla to arrive with Mrs. Morgan.

Chapter XVIII. An Adventure on the Tory Road: Take a 4-minute break while Anne talks to the Copps about selling their willow-ware platter.

Chapter XIX. Just a Happy Day: Do a fifty-headed hydra as Anne has tea with Paul Irving.

Chapter XX. The Way It Often Is: Word War for 30 minutes while Anne does chores around Green Gables.

Chapter XXI. Sweet Miss Lavender: Write 450 words as Diana and Anne meet Miss Lavender Lewis as they walk to a friend’s house.

Chapter XXII. Odds and Ends: Sprint for 15 minutes while Anne and Marilla discuss Anne’s visit with Miss Lavender and Thomas Lynde’s health.

Chapter XXIII. Miss Lavender’s Romance: Do a three-digit challenge while Anne spends the evening with Miss Lavender.

Chapter XXIV. A Prophet in His Own Country: Write to the nearest thousand as Uncle Abe’s weather prediction comes true.

Chapter XXV. An Avonlea Scandal: Write for 8 minutes as Mr. Harrison’s wife comes to town.

Chapter XXVI. Around the Bend: Do a 1k30minute challenge while Thomas Lynde dies and Anne prepares to leave for Redmond college.

Chapter XXVII. An Afternoon at the Stone House: Add 325 words to your story as Anne and Paul Irving visit Miss Lavender and Charlotta the fourth.

Chapter XXVIII. The Prince Comes Back to the Enchanted Palace: Write 5% of your word count as school ends, Anne meets Paul’s father and Mr. Irving visits Miss Lavender.

Chapter XXIX. Poetry and Prose: Sprint for 10 minutes as Mr. Irving and Miss Lavender prepare to get married and Diana becomes engaged to Fred Wright.

Chapter XXX. A Wedding at the Stone House: Do a three-digit challenge as Mr. Irving and Miss Lavender are married and Gilbert walks Anne to Green Gables.

*Every August they wipe all of the forums from the previous year so that all of the threads are fresh again)

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Pride and Prejudice Word Crawls

Back in November, during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)I wrote a post on something called word crawls and I explained what those were. I also shared a word crawl that I attempted based on the book "Anne of Green Gables." Well, this year I tried my hand at writing another word crawl, this time using the book "Pride and Prejudice."

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Chapter 1: Write 1,000 words as Mrs. Bennet tells Mr. Bennet that Netherfield Park is let at last to Mr. Bingley.

Chapter 2: Sprint for 4 mins as Mr. Bennet teases Mrs. Bennet and his daughters about not visiting Mr. Bingley when he did.

Chapter 3: Roll a die and multiply the number by 10 and write that many words as everyone dances at the assembly.

Chapter 4: Do a fifty-headed hydra as Elizabeth and Jane talk about Mr. Bingley.

Chapter 5: Take the last digit of your word count and multiply it by 100 and write that as the Miss Bennet’s’ and the Lucas’ discuss the dance.

Chapter 6: Sprint for 20 minutes as the Bennet’s visit Netherfield and vice versa.

Chapter 7: Round your word count to the nearest hundred as Jane is invited to dinner at Netherfield and becomes unwell.

Chapter 8: Do a three-digit challenge as Elizabeth stays at Netherfield to take care of Jane.

Chapter 9: Write 3% of your word count as Mrs. Bennet, Lydia, Kitty, and Mary visit Netherfield to see how Jane is recovering.

Chapter 10: Take a short break as Mr. Darcy writes a letter.

Chapter 11: Write 1,500 words as Miss Bingley and Elizabeth walk around the room and talk with Mr. Darcy.

Chapter 12: Sprint for 15 minutes as Jane and Elizabeth return from Netherfield.

Chapter 13: Roll a die and multiply the number by 15 and write that many words as Mr. Collins arrives at Longbourn.

Chapter 14: Write 250 words as Mr. Collins talks about Lady Catherin de Bourgh.

Chapter 15: Complete a fifty-headed hydra as the Bennet’s and Mr. Collin’s meet Mr. Wickham and visit their aunt Phillips.

Chapter 16: Sprint for 25 minutes and the Miss Bennet’s, Mr. Collins and the offices play cards at the Phillips’.

Chapter 17: Write to the nearest thousand as Elizabeth tells Jane what Mr. Wickham told her about Mr. Darcy and an invitation to the Netherfield ball arrives.

Chapter 18: Write 5% of your word count as everyone attends the ball at Netherfield. Add 200 words as Mary plays the piano.

Chapter 19: Do a three-digit challenge as Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth and she refuses.

Chapter 20: Take a 5-minute break as Elizabeth refuses to accept Mr. Collins’ proposal.

Chapter 21: Take the last three digits of your word count and multiply it by 45 as Mr. Wickham returns and the Bingley’s depart from Netherfield.

Chapter 22: Sprint for 15 minutes while Charlotte Lucas tells Elizabeth that she is engaged to Mr. Collins.

Chapter 23: Roll a die and multiply the number by 15 and write that many words as Mrs. Bennet expresses her anger over the engagement of Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins.

Chapter 24: Write for 4 minutes as Jane received Miss Bingley’s letter.

Chapter 25: Round your word count to the nearest thousand as the Gardiner’s arrive for Christmas.

Chapter 26: Write 555 words as the Gardiner’s and Jane return to London and Jane visits Miss Bingley.

Chapter 27: As Elizabeth leaves to visit Charlotte with Sir William and Maria Lucas take the last three numbers of online users and write that much.

Chapter 28: Write for an hour as the Collins’ and their guests have tea and dinner with Lady Catherine.

Chapter 29: Sprint for 3 minutes as Elizabeth learns that Mr. Darcy is visiting Lady Catherine.

Chapter 30: Take a 5-minute break as Colonial Fitzwilliam, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth discuss Mr. Darcy’s behavior at Netherfield.

Chapter 31: Do a fifty-headed hydra as Mr. Darcy surprises Elizabeth with a visit while the Collins’ are out.

Chapter 32: Roll a die and multiply the number by 6 as Colonial Fitzwilliam tells Elizabeth about how Mr. Darcy saved Mr. Bingley from marrying Jane.

Chapter 33: Sprint 15 minutes for 3,500 words while Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth. If you fail write for 5 more minutes. If you win take a break.

Chapter 34: Write 10% of your word count while Elizabeth reads Mr. Darcy’s letter.

Chapter 35: Pick a number between 251 and 759 words write that many words as Elizabeth re-reads the letter.

Chapter 36: Do a three-digit challenge as Mr. Darcy and Colonial Fitzwilliam leave and the Collins and their guests dine with Lady Catherine.

Chapter 37: Round your word count to the nearest thousand while Elizabeth and Maria leave the Collins’.

Chapter 38: Write 600 words as Elizabeth and Maria Lucas meet Kitty and Lydia in London and then travel to Longbourn.

Chapter 39: Do a fifty-headed hydra while Elizabeth and Jane talk about Mr. Wickham and their respective travels.

Chapter 40: Take a 4-minute break as the militia prepares to leave Meryton and Lydia goes with Mrs. Forster.

Chapter 41: Roll a die and multiply the number by 7 and write that amount as Elizabeth leaves Longbourn with the Gardiners for a trip.

Chapter 42: Write 3,000 words as Elizabeth and the Gardiner’s tour Pemberley.

Chapter 43: Sprint 16 minutes while Mr. Darcy, Georgianna Darcy and Elizabeth talk at the Inn at Lambton.

Chapter 44: Do a three-digit challenge as Elizabeth and the Gardiner’s visit Pemberley.

Chapter 45: Pick a number between 300 and 1,000 and write that amount as Elizabeth receives her letters from Jane and tells Mr. Darcy about Lydia.

Chapter 46: Write 2,000 words as Elizabeth returns to Longbourn.

Chapter 47: Sprint for 3 minutes and 450 words as Mr. Bennet returns from London.

Chapter 48: Write 1,000 words as Mr. Bennet reads the letter from Mr. Gardiner about Lydia and Mr. Wickham.

Chapter 49: Do a fifty-headed hydra while Mrs. Bennet talks about Lydia marrying Mr. Wickham.

Chapter 50: Take a 6-minute break while Lydia and Mr. Wickham visit Longbourn after the wedding.

Chapter 51: Round your word count to the nearest thousand as Elizabeth receives a letter from her aunt Gardiner.

Chapter 52: Take the last three digits of your total word count and multiply it by 8 while the Wickham’s leave Longbourn and Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield.

Chapter 53: Roll a die and multiply the number by 3 and write that amount as Mrs. Bennet hosts a party at Longbourn.

Chapter 54: Write 15% of your word count as Mr. Bingley returns to Longbourn and proposes to Jane.

Chapter 55: Sprint for 4 minutes while Lady Catherine visits Elizabeth.

Chapter 56: Write 400 words as Mr. Bennet tells Elizabeth about his letter from Mr. Collins.

Chapter 57: Write 1,000 words as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy discuss Mr. Bingley and Jane.

Chapter 58: Do a fifty-headed hydra while Elizabeth tells Jane and Mr. and Mrs. Bennet that she is engaged to Mr. Darcy.

Chapter 59: Round the last three numbers of your word count to the nearest thousand as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy talk of falling in love.

Chapter 60: Roll a die and multiply the number by 18 and write that as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy return to Pemberley and Jane and Mr. Bingley settle at Netherfield.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

#InstaWrimo Days 25 thru 30

Well, today is the last day of the #InstaWrimo prep month and I have enjoyed doing it all month and sharing the pictures with everyone here. If I haven't already I apologize if it seems like I am bombarding people with stuff for NaNoWriMo. But that is my "theme" right now since I don't know what else to write about at the moment. Of course, I will try to come up with other topics that aren't just about NaNoWriMo. Anyhow enough with my rambling, because here are the last six pictures as well as the links backs to the intro and days 1-6, days 7-12days 13-18 and days 19-24.

Day 25: Theme song for your MC 

While I don't have a specific theme for my male MC
I think this sums up part of what he goes through in my novel.

Day 26: What's in your MC's pocket?
 In my MC's pocket is earbuds, a rosary, nail clippers, chapstick, a pen, a small notebook,
a St. Anthony medal, and a St. Joseph medal.

Day 27: Outline or Plan 

This is an outline of the fictional town I am creating for my novel.
I am creating it using the outlines of different towns/ cities.

Day 28: Last Writing Related Search 

My last writing related search was blog posts that 
K.M. Weiland wrote on her blog about outlining, writing characters, etc.

Day 29: #WritingMood 

On this chilly, overcast, fall day my writing mood is tea and no inspiration.

Day 30: Ready to Write

 While it is supposed to be another selfie, this is appropriate as well since I rarely do selfies and I am ready to write my novel in November.

Monday, September 24, 2018

#InstaWrimo Days 19 thru 24

Just in case you missed it in my last two posts but here is the link to the post that I did with an explanation of what #InstaWrimo is with days 1 thru 6, and then the posts with days 7 thru 12 and days 13 thru 18 respectively. So here are days 19 thru 24.

Day 19: Overheard Dialogue
 This is something that I said to my brother while at the aquarium today (the 19th).
Me: Anthony look its electric! 
Brother: *starts singing the Electric Slide*

Day 20: Map (any kind)

 This map is of the downtown area in a city near me and
 I thought that it would work for my novel.

Day 21: Outdoor Setting 

While it's not the outdoor setting for my novel, I took these pictures in DC 
back in May when I was there visiting (Yes you get 2 pictures today).

Day 22: Seasonal Changes 

The trees haven't started changing yet,
so I am using a picture that I took last year.

Day 23: Mysterious Object 

While the object I found isn't terribly mysterious
I couldn't think of anything else.

Day 24: Atmospheric Building 

The Vanderbilt mansion in Newport, RI is very atmospheric
because it is full of history and shows how people used to live.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

#InstaWrimo Days 13 thru 18

Here are days 13 thru 18 for the #InstaWrimo prep that I am doing to prepare for NaNoWriMo this year. To check out days 1 thru 6 and an explanation here is the link to the post and days 7 thru 12 here.

Day 13: Working Title 

My working title came about late one night while I was listening to the song 
"Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benatar and I thought that it would make a good novel title.

Day 14: Author signature 

Normally my signature is a lot bigger than this, but I decided to try writing it smaller. 
It still looks like a mess.

Day 15: NaNo support crew
 My NaNo support crew is all of my knitting projects because I can still be creative 
while taking a break from writing.

(Don't worry my family is my support crew as well)

Day 16: Cast your main character(s) 
I don't really have any actors etc. that I would want to portray my MCs but here is what I imagine they look like using the Live Portrait maker.

Arthur Kingston and Alixandra (Alix) I still need a last name for her.

I made the characters using an app
 called Live Portrait Maker.

Day 17: Cast your villain
Currently, my villain doesn't have a name, but I plan on changing that soon.
But in the meantime, this is what I picture him to look like.

Day 18: Cast your secondary character 

This is what I imagine my male MCs best friend would look like. As of right now,
 his name is Lance but that might change.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

#InstaWrimo Days 7 thru 12

Here are days 7 thru 12 for the #InstaWrimo prep that I am doing to prepare for NaNoWriMo this year. To check out days 1 thru 6 and an explanation here is the link to the post. I will be sharing compilation posts every six days so that I am not bombarding and boring people by a post every day (it is also easier to do it that way). If you haven't followed me yet or didn't know I had it, my writing-related Instagram account is megan_writes3294.

Day 7: Doodle or Scribble. 

I did a little bit if doodling and scribbling today, though I cheated and used a stencil. In case it's hard to read, the words are the first line from the song "Shadows of the Night" by Pat Benatar.

Day 8: Favorite Word.

I know it's only supposed to be one favorite word, but I couldn't decide
between which one was my most favorite so I included all three.

Day 9: Lucky charm 

My lucky charm is my dog because he is always there
when you need a cuddle and some love.

Day 10: Dream Novel 

If I could write my dream novel it would be something like this book,
because of how well written and engaging it is.

Day 11: Tools of the Trade

 My tools of the trade are my laptop, a USB drive, sticky notes, pens, pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, notebooks (only one is pictured), paperclips, mini legal pad, notecards, and colored tabs.

Day 12: In the Zone 

 Working on the outline for my novel.