Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

On Tuesday Roseycheeks had a tea party with a bunch of her friends for her tenth birthday. Though I had to work they all had a good time :) Since it is a tradition since we started having tea parties for all of us girls on our tenth birthdays she also had all of the girls who came bring flowers for a friendship bouquet. Here are pictures that I took of the flowers :)

On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment so my mother and I went to morning mass together and then drove to the office. Since we were a bit early we stopped at Caribou Coffee and got something. I had the Carrot Cake Muffin, which was delicious, and their cold Peach black tea, with sparkling water, you could get it with non sparkling water as well ;), that was good as well. My mom got a coffee and a raspberry scone. There was a cute looking tea shop next door but both my mother and I agreed that the tea shop that's closer to us is cuter.
Dear young people, have a deep spirit!  Do not be afraid to dream of great things!
— Pope Francis
My Hole in One!
The Monday that we were up there we didn't really do much in the morning, other than the guys going fishing for a while and then we went biking and swimming. At dinner time we went out and got really good pizza and then we all played a game of mini-golf. Since there was twelve of us, my grandparents played mini-golf with us, we were able to divide up into three teams. I was with my grandparents and Roseycheeks, our team came in second at the end of the game. Though I don't remember what my score is now I still had fun. I even got a hole in one. *points to the picture* It was exciting to get it because I haven't ever played gold before and the last time I had played mini-golf was several years ago. After we all finished we went to the ice cream shop that was by the course and had ice cream fore dessert. I got peppermint ice cream.

On Tuesday while we were on vacation we went to Lake Superior since it was about two hours away. The drive up there was a bit boring since it looked pretty much the same. When we got there we were able to wade in the water for a while, which was nice. While we were up there we decided to go hiking in the Porcupine mountains up to Lake of the Clouds. The view was amazing from the observation area. Of course the mosquitoes were horrendous when ever we stopped for a second while hiking through the woods. By the time we got back to the observation area we were all tired out. A while ago Amanda, Yavi, TJ and AJ had gotten Batman shirts so those of us who didn't have shirts got them before we left on vacation and then we all wore them while we hiked. A bunch of people that we passed thought that the matching shirt idea was neat.

lake of the clouds
 When we were done hiking around by Lake of the Clouds we drove over to Nawadah falls since it was near by and hiked around there for a little bit. We also went to Summit Peak, which is the tallest point in the area and you could see lake Superior from the observation tower that they have, before going to the falls. The elevation is 1958 feet. Since I was still tired out I had to stop a couple times while walking up the trail to the observation tower. But I made it, even though I only made it to the landing below the top of the tower.

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