Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catholic Kids Camp

Today starts Catholic Kids Camp, which is usually referred to as CKC. Friends of mine have been doing this for several years and last year was the first year that my siblings were able to for all four days. They are going again this year. For this year the theme is Knights and Princesses of God, last year it was Journey to Jerusalem. I would be helping out this year but the kids that I nanny aren't able to go so I won't be able to, because it conflicts with my work schedule. Last year I took pictures for them. TJ is excited because he gets to help out this year and for the skit tomorrow he gets to be St. Dominic Savio. Since I don't work on the last day I might go with, but we shall see.

Each day they have a different skit at the beginning of the morning. (it goes from 9:00 till 1:00) They also learn different songs as well. After the songs and skits they go to their different group stations. There are four groups and they are divided by age. Each group gets a name that is related for the theme during the camp. And each group takes turns doing the different activities, so that things run smoothly. Like one group is doing games, while another group is doing snacks, and the other two groups could be doing crafts or at their home station reading part of the themed coloring book for the camp. When each group is finished with what they are doing they go to one of the stations that they haven't been to yet.

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