Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vacation Part 3

(If you missed part 2 you can find it at the bottom of my post from Friday)

The Wednesday that we were up there we went to Paul Bunyan's for a very yummy late breakfast. Since they serve a loggers breakfast they brought out platters of ham and sausage, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, hash browns and eggs. They also have really, really good donuts! After we finished breakfast we went over to the gift shop that they have and looked around. I got postcards for some friends and a stuffed animal for one of the kids that I nanny. When we finished looking around there we left and did more souvenir shopping. For the other two kids that I nanny I got them shirts. I got a sweatshirt that has the name of where we went on the front of it :) The last place that we went to was the fudge shop. You can watch them make the fudge, my mom made my four younger siblings watch because you don't usually get to see something like that every day. I watched for a little bit before looking around at the rest of the fudge and candy that they have there. In the back of the store they also have an old fashioned looking ice cream parlor. When we got back from shopping we went swimming for a little while.

Since Thursday was the Fourth of July we didn't do much in the morning, though my grandpa took us out for a ride around the lake on his fishing boat. After lunch we went into town for their Fourth of July parade. Roseycheeks and AJ got a lot of candy. When that was over we went and visited one of my dad's aunts and uncles, who live up there, for the evening. Two of my dad's cousins and their families were there as well. We had a nice time with them. After dinner some of us took a short walk down to the lake that they live by. My dad, grandpa, TJ, and great uncle went fishing for a little bit as well. Once they got back from fishing we drove into town again to watch the fireworks. I would have gotten more pictures but I had accidentally switched my camera over to manual mode and I didn't know that until the next day. Since I don't know how to use my camera in manual mode I couldn't take pictures. Though I did take a video of the fireworks for a while, because my arms were tired of holding my camera for that long.
The lake we were staying on

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