Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vacation Part 1

Since I couldn't think of anything else to post I figured I'd do a couple posts about our family vacation from the beginning of the month.

Day one was just traveling up to the northern woods of Wisconsin for several hours after going to morning mass. It rained for the first half of the trip so I wasn't able to get the Wisconsin sign when we crossed the boarder. We all were looking forward to this trip because we got to stay in cabins instead of our tent, so we just had to carry all of our luggage and food into the cabins and not have to set up the tent. The weather was really nice.
the cabins we stayed in
Day two we had a rather interesting conversation over breakfast and while we got ready for mass. After we got back from church mummy, Yavi and my grandma went to the store to buy a bunch of stuff that we didn't bring up and my dad, grandpa, Amanda and her knight in shining armor went to put my grandpa's finish boat into the water and drive it over to the  dock by our cabins. So while everyone else was gone I was babysitting, Roseycheeks, TJ, AJ and Rosalind, who wanted to go swimming in the lake. So I had to go sit down there with them while they swam. Once everyone else came back and we had all had lunch my grandpa and dad took, TJ, Roseycheeks, and AJ out fishing for a while, and while they were gone the rest of us played Farkle, which, though it has a weird name, is fun to play though I almost came in last. When it got darker out we built a fire in the fire pit and tried s'mores in a cone, but thought s didn't turn out very well since the majority of them ended up half burnt. One of the towns near the lake was doing their fireworks that night so we sat on the beach and watched them.

the lake we were staying on

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