Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome :)

Exspectata, Willkommen, accueil, benvenuto, gaidīts, laukiamas, powitanie, boas-vindas, bienvenida, croeso!

Welcome to my new blog :) ^^^That is welcome in Latin, German, Polish, French, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Welsh, Italian, and Latvian. As you can see from the post below this and on the side bar I am giving Bloglovin' a try to see how it works and if I like it. I'd like to thank my friend Allison for getting the new blog ball rolling when she started a new blog herself, which you can check out here :) (She also has a Facebook page for her blog that you can follow to get updates, just type Faint Hue of Grace in the search bar :) ) With this blog I plan on sharing more pictures that I take as well as snippets of stories that I write. So hopefully everyone enjoys the things that I post :) I will explain why I choose the name of my blog later on.

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