Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 30 - Cluttered

7 Quick Takes Friday

Tomorrow is the last day of the August Photo a Day that I have been doing. Though I will miss doing this I will try to post pictures on here as often as I can. Not to mention occasional posts about what going on in my life :)
Last week my brother started reading The Fairy Tale Novels by Regina Doman. He has enjoyed reading them. 

I was going to put the instructions for the backpack that I made in this weeks 7 Quick Takes but they are a bit to long for this sort of thing so I put the instructions in their own post, which will be posted next week. :) In the meantime here is a picture that I took of the backpack that I made :)
Last week when my family and I were at Wal-Mart getting some things my brother and I were by the sunglasses because we both needed a pair. This is what the pair I got looks like.
There was another pair like that and my brother was going to get them but I talk him out of getting those ones and getting a different pair. It also comes with a bag that is also the British flag. 
On Sunday was the parish picnic at the church that we go to :) And several friends are learning Mexican dancing and their group came and performed at the picnic and here are my favorite pictures that I took during that :)

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 23 - Yellow

7 Quick Takes Friday

I know that last week I said that this weeks 7 quick takes would just be the pattern that I used to make the backpack. Well I decided to not do that because it sounded kind of boring to me. 
This past Saturday, Yavi had a small dance performance at our church. Though my family and I had seen the dance they were performing already we still went. Yavi wanted me to video the dance on my camera, since we had't gotten the entire dance on video the first time they did it, but I forgot to grab my camera before we left and didn't remember until we got to the church. But someone else was videoing it instead. Afterwards we all went out for ice cream at Culver's. The dance that they did was based on the story of The Prodigal Son (Luke 15: 11-32), though they changed it to The Prodigal Daughter since all of the dancers doing it were girls.
A friend of ours who hadn't been able to see the dance before came over to my house and we spent the day together. My mom suggested that I take our friend, who I am going to call E, to a very cute tea room that we had found for lunch. I did and she really liked it. Though it was on the quiet side we had a nice lunch and time together. Not to mention we had a couple different interesting conversations.
Sunday evening Amanda, Yavi and I went over to a friends house for a bonfire. Though there wasn't a lot of people it was still nice, especially since we haven't seen a couple of the girls who came in a long time. Besides sitting around the fire and roasting marshmallows we played a couple rounds of a game called Psychiatrist. It was fun though. The only part that wasn't fun was when my feet and ankles were getting bit by mosquitoes.
Starting on September 9th I will be taking a four week photography class on Understanding Exposure. Though there are a couple other photography classes that I would like to take that was the only one that really worked out. Another class that I wanted to take was Building a Portfolio Website, but that didn't work out. So maybe the next time the community college offers it I can take it.
I keep forgetting to mention this but both Yavi and Rosalind/Miss Aaliyah both have blogs. Rosalind has had hers for a while and Yavi just started her blog a few weeks ago. Rosalind's blog is called "Ramblings of a Writer" and you can find it here! Yavi's is called *Insert Something Clever* and you can find her blog here!

Earlier in the week I decided to start knitting a pair of socks since I finished the backpack that I was knitting and I felt like I had to make something else. The pattern that I'm using is from Kids Knitting: Projects  For Kids of All Ages by Melanie Falick. I originally was going to have this as my first quick take but then I changed my mind and moved it down here. Here is the instructions for the pattern that I am using.

Materials needed:

  • Approximately 285 yards worsted eight yarn, such as Classic Elite Tapestry (this is enough for 1 pair of child or adult sized socks)
  • 4 size 6 double pointed needles
  • Stitch marker
  • Yarn needle

For the body of the sock:
  1. Cast on 42 stitches on 1 of the double-pointed needles (14 stitches per needles) and place a marker between the last and second to last stitch on the third needle.
  2. Start the first round by knitting the first cast-on stitch with the fourth needle, pulling tightly on the yarn coming from the third needle so that you do not end up with a large gap where the stitches from 1 needle meet the stitches from the next needle. Work in a knit 3, purl 3 rib for 12 rounds. Or if you are having trouble joining the stitches so that you can knit in the round, cast on 42 stitches and work back and forth in the knit 3, purl 3 rib for about 12 rounds, then divide the stitches onto the 3 double-pointed needles. It should be easier to join the stitches now that you have a few inches of knitted fabric to hold.
  3. Begin the spiral pattern by knitting the first 2 stitches. Next, increase 1 stitch by knitting into the third stitch twice. Purl 2. From this point on, work in a knit 3, purl 3 rib until the sock measures approximately 12 1/2 inches. If you are making striped sock, change colors at the beginning of the round. In the last row, decrease by knitting 2 stitches together once at any point. You will now have 42 stitches divided among 3 needles.
For the toe
4. Round 1: Knit 4, decrease 1 by knitting 2 stitches together. Repeat all the way around. When you finish the round, you will have 35 stitches divided on the 3 needles.
Round 2: Knit all the way around
Round 3: Knit 3, decrease 1 by knitting 2 stitches together. Repeat all the way around. When you finish the round, you will have 28 stitches divided on the 3 needles
Round 4: Knit all the way around.
Round 5: Knit 2, decrease 1 by knitting 2 stitches together. Repeat all the way around. When you finish the round, you will have 21 stitches divided on the 3 needles.
Round 6: Knit all the way around.
Round 7: Knit 1, decrease 1 by knitting 2 stitches together. Repeat all the way around. When you finish the round, you will have 14 stitches divided on the 3 needles.
Round 8: Repeat all the way around.
Round 9: Decrease by knitting 2 stitches together all the way around. When you finish the round, you will have 7 stitches divided on 3 needles.

5. Cut the yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Thread the tail onto the yarn needle and draw it through the remaining 7 stitches to close the sock. Bring the tail to the inside of the sock and wave in the end. If you started your sock by knitting back and forth, sew up the open seam at the top. Then repeat all directions to make a second sock.
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 16 - Cooking

7 Quick Takes Friday

A week ago today I got a car!!!!! I named it TARDIS since that is the same color blue or at least very close to that!

Though I haven't taken a picture of it yet I finished knitting the backpack I was working on for the past few weeks! Other than the yarn I used for the straps/drawstring it is rather pink. If I remember to do it once I'm done doing the photo a day thing I'll post the instructions that I used to make the backpack. Or if I feel like it I might do that for next weeks 7 Quick Takes. We shall see though.
Since I couldn't think of anything to do really I decided to share a few of the graphic art things that I have done.

The pictures were found on tumblr
I can't wait until fall because then we can have the nice cool weather that we have been having a lot this summer more often. Another thing that I can't wait for in fall is when all of the trees and plants and stuff changes colors like this:

In case you haven't heard yet Ink and Fairydust is coming out with their Summer 2013 issue very soon!!!! If you haven't ever heard of Ink and Fairydust before you can check out the website and past issues here!!!

found on tumblr
I love it when pictures like that ^^^ make me think of something to writing and coming up with a story to go with the picture. 
This picture *points to the one below* makes me think of writing another story. Though I might not do it right now I shall have to remember that :)

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 15 - The Best

Happy Feast of the Assumption

Immaculate Mary, thy praises we sing;
Who reignest in splendor with Jesus our King.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria! 

In heaven, the blessed thy glory proclaim;
On earth we, thy children, invoke thy fair name.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria! 

We pray for God's glory; may His kingdom come;
We pray for His vicar, our father, and Rome.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria! 

We pray for our Mother, the Church upon earth,
And bless, dearest Lady, the land of our birth.
Ave, ave, ave, Maria! Ave, ave, Maria!