Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Last week Friday, my mom, Yavi, Rosalind and myself got to see Regina Doman and her husband Mr. Andrew again. It was nice to see them. They were in town for a homeschool conference in our area. Once it closed for the night on Friday we went out for ice cream together. Though it took us a couple minutes to find a parking space. We had just walked out of the parking garage and gotten under the awnings from the stores and it starts pouring rain. So we had to wait about twenty minutes for it to stop raining. But we finally got to Coldstone Creamery and ice cream.
The weather last week and this week has been rather crazy and not very July. Since it has been in the 70's and 60's it has felt more like fall than summer. On Sunday Yavi said that the weather made her want to start school again. It is interesting how one week it was in the uper 90's then goes to the 60's and 70's the following week.
On Wednesday last week Amanda, Yavi and I had a bonfire at our house with a bunch of friends. We made a bunch of s'mores. Two friends that came brought large marshmallows. I had one of those and I was able to get two s'mores out of it. Though I had to toast the second one a little bit because it was from the inside of the marshmallow. We also had a family bonfire and s'mores on Sunday. And since my younger siblings didn't know what the Hokey Pokey was so Amanda, Yavi, my mom and I taught it to them, we also taught them the hand motions for the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Not to mention we had an interesting conversation as well.
A couple weeks ago friends of our dropped off their copy of the Anne of Green Gables movie to let us borrow and Amanda, Yavie, Rosalind and my mom started watching part of it each night for about an hour and a half. Now we are borrowing the second movie and we are going to be doing the same thing with it.
I started reading Regina Doman's newest book "Rapunzel Let Down" this week! I have been really enjoying it. My mom got to take the cover picture which is exciting! So back towards the beginning of the year Regina sent my mom a copy of the book so that she could get a better idea for the front cover and Amanda and I got to read it. The copy that I am reading now is a more edited copy, though there are some typos in it. Though I would like to read the typo free copy my mom wants to frame that copy so, I can't read the final version.
Though I didn't finish Camp NaNoWriMo I still plan on writing the story that I started. And though I am trying to base my story off of two fairy tales it's more like Cinderella than the other fairy tale, though both fairy tales are very similar. I am going to do  my best to try and combine both stories into the one that I am writing. While I'm writing my story I'll try and let you know how its going.
This is probably the first time that I haven't had a picture or something off of pinterest on here for my 7 Quick Takes. Since I was bored last week and the weather wasn't that hot I decided to start knitting something. I am trying out knitting in the round with the circular needles that I own. A while ago I tried doing something in the round with four double pointed needles but I couldn't figure out how to do it, so I might have to try using them at some point, especially since I want to try making myself a pair of socks. But we shall see. The project I'm working on is a small backpack thing. When its finished I shall have to remember to post pictures so that you can see it.

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