Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

A week ago today I got a car!!!!! I named it TARDIS since that is the same color blue or at least very close to that!

Though I haven't taken a picture of it yet I finished knitting the backpack I was working on for the past few weeks! Other than the yarn I used for the straps/drawstring it is rather pink. If I remember to do it once I'm done doing the photo a day thing I'll post the instructions that I used to make the backpack. Or if I feel like it I might do that for next weeks 7 Quick Takes. We shall see though.
Since I couldn't think of anything to do really I decided to share a few of the graphic art things that I have done.

The pictures were found on tumblr
I can't wait until fall because then we can have the nice cool weather that we have been having a lot this summer more often. Another thing that I can't wait for in fall is when all of the trees and plants and stuff changes colors like this:

In case you haven't heard yet Ink and Fairydust is coming out with their Summer 2013 issue very soon!!!! If you haven't ever heard of Ink and Fairydust before you can check out the website and past issues here!!!

found on tumblr
I love it when pictures like that ^^^ make me think of something to writing and coming up with a story to go with the picture. 
This picture *points to the one below* makes me think of writing another story. Though I might not do it right now I shall have to remember that :)

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