Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vacation Part 4

Friday was the last full day that we were on vacation. Other than getting to sleep in and the guys fishing in the morning we didn't do much. We played another round of Farkle and I came in third. I was in first for a while but then Amanda and TJ got more points than me. For lunch we had fresh fish, that was my mom's idea. It was ok. For dinner we went out to Culver's and then we went over to the lake for the water ski show. It was pretty neat to watch. When it was over we went back to Culver's for ice cream. On our way back to the cabins afterwards there were a lot of bugs out. Sometimes they looked like mini clouds. When we got back to our cabin we watched the rest of "Fireproof" since it was on tv. On Saturday other than packing the car and driving for six hours we didn't really do much. Though we did stop at Lake Redstone for lunch and at Red Robins for dinner.

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