Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

As you have probably seen already from the posts that I did I have been in a knitting mood for several weeks now. I am working on two knitting projects right now, though the hat I am working on is on hold at the moment because I started making a pair of leg warmers this past Saturday as a present. The yarn I'm using for the leg warmers is fall colors :) When they are finished I am making sure that I take pictures of them before they are wrapped up and given away.
To continue on with the subject of knitting I have decided to make an afghan as well. The story behind that will be in number 3 of this week's quick takes. Instead of getting yarn from the store to make it I am reusing the yarn from this blanket/afghan that I made a couple years ago but never used:
I spent part of Sunday afternoon and evening pulling out the seams and since the yarn that I used to sew the squares together was still in good shape I will be including that as well :) But I won't start making this until my two current knitting projects are done, especially since I need to use the circular needles for this. You can find that pattern that I will be using here.
On Friday evening Amanda and I had gone to a young adult group that we try to go to every week. Afterwards we usually go to the McDonalds that's right by the church that we meet at. Since Yavi was at a friend's birthday party Amanda had to go pick her up afterwards, and while we waited Amanda and I sat in McDonald's for a while talking with a couple friends that we hadn't seen in a while. After sitting there talking for a little bit we decided to go walk around Wal-Mart together for a while since Amanda was still waiting to pick up Yavi and she didn't want to sit in McD anymore. So while we where walking around Wal-Mart we wandered over to the craft section and were looking at the yarn and sewing section and Amanda said that a couple of the yarns looked really nice together and would look nice as an afghan which gave me the idea for the one I am planning on making. (See #2) We also ran into two other friends while at Wal-Mart and we talked with them for a while. Of course we had to take a group photo, though I took three tries to get everyone in the picture :)
Besides taking apart the seams in the blanket I'm going to be reusing it was also apple sauce making day in my family with apples from our trees :D My dad had picked around 50 pounds of apples the day before for us to use and we only used around 21 pounds, but a dessert with apples was included in that. Amanda wrote about it on her blog so you can go over to her blog and read it :)
Amanda, Yavi, my mother and I watched the Decoy Bride Sunday evening. It was pretty funny, not to mention they had Scottish accents and David Tennant was in it :) Even if it wasn't intentional there was a Doctor Who reference in the movie :D You can find the summary for the movie on IMDB :)

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