Thursday, October 10, 2013

Because Computers are Annoying And Other Things

Since I have a post for four days out of the week I decided to do a post today as well. Even though I do updates in the 7 Quick Takes each week I needed a separate post to ramble in. To start with the first part of the title of this part and why computers are annoying, as great as it is to have my own laptop it has had a virus :P So I had to back up all of my pictures and documents. And that part has been a long process because I have a lot of pictures on my computer to back up and that in and of it's self takes a while. It would have been nice if I had actually backed up all of my pictures as I put them on my computer but I decided to procrastinate and not do that until now. The same goes to all of my writing documents.

Since I have made several candles my mom wanted me to make a fall candle to put on our kitchen table. For the colors I used a orange for the bottom with brown, a redish color and another orange color and brownish color on top of that.

I am working on a short fanfiction for an issue of Ink and Fairydust. It is a fanfiction that takes place during "The Last Battle" (the Chronicles of Narnia). Once it has been edited I'll try to post it here so that you can read it and tell me how you like it :)

"The rosary is THE weapon" ~ Padre Pio 

The moth of October is the Month of the Rosary as well as Respect Life Month!

 “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” – Ronald Reagan

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