Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: a Year in Review

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!!!!

Yavi and I went out to Wachington D.C. for the 40th annual March For Life. We went with a large group from the area. Even though the day of the march was a bit cold it was still amazing to see all of the pro-life people who were there. On the way back the bus that Yavi and I were on had a singing competition and Yavi came in second place! Yavi and I also made it onto the front page of the Catholic News Service (CNS)! I had also gotten rather sick at the beginning of the month. I also went and saw Les Miserables with Yavi and my dearest mother.

Amanda, Yavi and I finally got to meet our friend Maddy, who we had met online throught the Fairy Tale Novel books by Regina Doman and the fan forum! TJ also finished up his basketball games. 

I turned 19. We got a new pope! And for Amanda's birthday we got a surprise visit from our dear friend Elena! Since Amanda's boyfriend came out for a week to visit we went to the zoo, which was something that I hadn't done in a while. While Amanda's boyfriend was still out visiting us we had a bowling party with a bunch of friends for Amanda's birthday :) 

Elena came out and visited us again for a few days at the end of April. I got my first job as a nanny!! Our friend Vicki also came down to visit us for a few days as well, but at the beginning of the month. My siblings and I also put together a Doctor Who short story with pictures included :D

My brother AJ made his fist Holy Communion and my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary. We had a large party to celebrate both events. And on my parents actual anniversary day we went to mass and breakfast and then we went to the zoo and spent the day there. After the zoo we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. A friend of ours also graduated from collage and at her party Amada, Rosalinda, Yavi and I had a small get together with a bunch of girls that we went to a girls camp with :)

Rosalinda and Yavi graduate from 8th grade and high school and TJ got confirmed! Rosy Posie had her birthday and we had a large combined party for the four of them :) Rosalinda and I did a mini photo shoot one day while Yavi, TJ, AJ and Rosy were at the summer intensive for LFPAC. I also got my hair cut, which doesn't happen that often.

Went on a fun week long  family vacation! TJ also, at the time, was the same height as me. I also started this blog and got rid of my old blog. Yavi and I went and saw Monsters University with a friend and got frozen yogurt afterwards. At the end of July Yavi, Rosalinda, my mother and I got to see Regina Doman! since she was up in the area for a homeschool conference that she was selling her books at. While we were on vacation we got to see a very cool water skiing show! 

taken by me
My dearest mum (on the right) took the front cover photo for Rapunzel let down ^^
I did a photo a day challenge which was fun and a challenge! I also knit my first pair of socks!! TJ was finally allowed to read the Fairy Tale Novels. For reading I started reading the Cherry Ames books, since I hadn't ever read them before and Yavi and Amanda said that it was a crime that Rosalinda and I hadn't ever read them. So we borrowed the first few books from my grandma. I also got to hang out with a friend who I hadn't seen since June. I also got my first car!!!!! 

I took a four week photography class at the local community college and it was interesting. One week during one of the classes we were outside during a photography exercise and I saw six deer on campus. I got to go to a chastity talk by Jason Evert with Amanda and a friend of ours. For some reason I was obsessed with listening to Chipmunk-ed versions of different songs for a while as well......

taken by me!!!!!
I discovered that I could fit into TJ's shoes, though they were rather large. Since I like listening to songs for short periods of time I listened to Peter Hollen's amazing Disney Medley, as well as a couple other songs that he did covers of, and We Remain by Christina Aguilera. On the 12th my family lost our grandpa :'( I also figured out how to use a leg warmer pattern that I have used before, on double pointed needles, so there really isn't any sewing involved. I officially signed up for classes at the community college!

taken by me
I did NaNoWriMo and I reached 50,000 words by the end of the month!!!! Amanda and I went to a bridal shower for our friend Elena, it was really nice :) Amanda, Elena and I got to do a bit of thrift store shopping before the bridal shower! Also got to watch the Doctor Who 50th special!!

On the seventh I went and saw Frozen with the siblings and we all enjoyed it. The same day I ruined my car and now I am back to sharing a car with my mother, until I can get a new one. Saw the play that Yavi, TJ, Rosy and AJ were in. Went and saw The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug with the family and I like the first one better. 

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