Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Since this is my first 7 Quick Takes Friday post of the year I decided to start this weeks off by saying that I officially have bought all of my books for school!! Now I just need to get binders and the rest of the things that go with it (except for a backpack since I already have that).
New Years Eve we went over to a friends house to celebrate (it was combined with the cast and crew party for the play that four of my siblings were in at the beginning of December). We had a lot of fun. At midnight we all went outside and banged on a couple pots and blew on horns. One of the dads set off a couple small fireworks.
TJ's first basket ball game of season is tonight and Rosebud's first game is tomorrow!! I shall try to remember to bring my camera so that I can take a couple pictures of both of them playing :)
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Even though it's not December anymore I decided to include the December issue of Ink and Fairydust in here :) I have a couple articles in this issue as well as a couple pictures :) You can read it here and the website can be found here. Ink and Fairydust is also on Facebook (Ink and Fairydust) and on Twitter (@inkandfairydust) so be sure to follow it on both sites :)
New Year's Resolution

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