Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

The Arctic weather that we had at the beginning of the week was a lot of fun. Especially since one of the pipes in our laundry room frozen and then burst, but we were able to take care of that quickly and we still have water in the rest of the house.

On the 4th I threw a surprise party for Yavi. We had a lot of fun and Yavi enjoyed herself. And this is what happens when your younger brother gets a hold of several blow thingys.

found on pinterest
For over a year or so the Fairy Tale Novels Forum has been having a fun campaign to get new members and to promote the forum and Regina's books, the goal was to get up to having 1,000 members by the anniversary of the starting of the forum or when we reached 1,000 members (there is 1,023 members now). And I came in third place for the contest, I was surprised when I found out because I wasn't expecting that and I had kind of forgotten about the contest. When I get me prize I will do my best to take a picture and post it here :)
Monday starts my first day of college. This semester I am taking math, English and a GSD class, which should be interesting. In next weeks 7 Quick Takes I will let you know how my first week went.
This week and last week Yavi, my mother and I have been catching up on the Once Upon a Time episodes that we missed as well as watching the first two episodes of Sherlock season 3 :) Episode 2 of Sherlock is probably my favorite episode.
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Joan said...

Love the "Life is better when you're laughing" saying!! :)