Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

What life is like after finishing the newest episodes of Doctor Who and Sherlock and waiting for more. 

Even thought the March for Life was this past Wednesday over the weekend (of the 18th and 19th) thousands of people joined in the Marches that were held in in Wyoming, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Maine, Vermont, Ft. Wayne, Green Bay, Iowa, Chicago, El Paso, Dallas, Birmingham, Delaware, and Paris. Though I wasn't able to go to the March for Life in my state this past weekend I heard that I lot of people went to it. I also heard that there was 40,000 people who Marched for Life in Paris, France, which is amazing!

Last week the basketball team that TJ is on won their first game, which was exciting!! the final score was 30-18. I would post a picture but I didn't bring my camera with and I don't know if my dear mother has done anything with the ones that she took at the game.
Though there wasn't instructions on how to make the top part I really like this idea and I want to try it at some point.

Amanda, Yavi, the parents and I have been watching Season 3 of Sherlock lately! There will be some spoilers so if you haven't seen any of the episodes yet don't read past here. If you have seen all three episodes than you may continue reading.

 In the first episode my favorite part(s) was when John, Mary and Sherlock kept getting kicked out because John would hit Sherlock. The second episode was my favorite out of the three. And the best line was when John said "He's cluing for looks." As for the third episode, I thought it was interesting and I didn't care for it much, though it was still a good episode.
One of the best parts of the entire movie and one of the reasons why I love Olaf :)

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