Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

I got to watch the second episode of Sherlock again on Sunday and I enjoyed it more the second time around since I was able to watch it all of the way through instead of having to do it in pieces. It is still my favorite Sherlock episode out of all three seasons :)
My mother, Yavi and Amanda started watching Downton Abbey season 4 on Sunday. I am only really watching it for the grandma because she is my favorite character.
On Monday the college that Yavi, Amanda and I go to had a snow day because it was incredibly cold (-2 degrees during the day and -17 in the evening) and windy. This is what it said on the Weather Channel about Monday: "Bitterly cold. Partly cloudy skies with gusty winds. Dangerous wind chills as low as -25F. High -2F. Winds WNW at 20 to 30 mph." Tuesday was a snow day as well because it was still really cold, though not quite as cold as Monday was.
Anyone remember the blanket that I had said that I was making??? If you don'r that is okay because the blanket no longer exists. Well it does I just took apart the one that I was making and put all of the yarn into nice balls so that I could use a different blanket pattern. The pattern I am using (Textured Afghan) is from the book "I Taught Myself Knitting" though it can be found online as well. I was originally going to use this pattern, but then I changed my mind and went to the Textured Afghan pattern.

"I'm a high functioning sociopath. With your number."

As of the beginning of this week we have the first look at Peter Capaldi's outfit for the Twelfth Doctor.

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Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

I haven't been able to watch either of the new Sherlock episodes yet! It makes me sad. (Where/how do you watch them? I still need to track them down.) Good luck on the knitting! I really just started knitting (I've been crocheting since I was really young), but I haven't tried any large projects yet.

Megan D said...

Rachel - One of my sisters had found the Sherlock episodes online after they had aired in the UK. So you could try looking online for them.