Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

College has been going pretty well so far and I have been able to keep up with homework this week. On Wednesday I signed up for a gym membership at the fitness center that the college has, not to mention I still get a work out when I have to get to math class because it is on the opposite end of campus from where I park and it is a decent walk there. Getting to my English GSD classes isn't that bad since they are pretty close to each other.
On Pinterest I found a Character Name Generator that a friend of mine had pinned to one of her boards. So now I have a new way of creating names for characters when I write stories :)

I found this pattern for really cute looking fingerless gloves on Pinterest! Whether or not I actually get around to making them is another question. But I do like the color of the gloves in the picture.
For the past week or so my sister Yavi has been doing a 30 day Disney Challenge on her blog and I enjoy reading what she comes up with for each day. If I don't end up doing the challenge on here at some point I might do it on Tumblr (but I will share the links here if I do).

Since we are on the subject of challenges a while a go I came up with a cute-ish month challenge like idea. And for an entire month I post a letter of the alphabet each day and I was going to talk about one to three different topics that begin with the letter for the day. Because there are 26 letters in the alphabet I decided to do what I am calling the 26 Day Alphabet Challenge during February since it is the shortest month of the year.
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