Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

The other day I was feeling a bit bored so I made a couple covers for the story that I started working on.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking up pictures of the minons from "Despicable Me", don't remember why, but while I was scrolling down the page I came across this minion picture:

I found this on Pinterest a while back...

On Sunday we had to shovel snow off the driveway. It was really cold out and it made my stomach kind of hurt a little bit afterwards. The only bright side, besides being able to come inside and warm up, was getting hot chocolate.
Since I couldn't think of anything else to write for this one I decided to share the first couple sentences of what I have written so far of my story let me know how you like it :)

Standing under the only low-lit street lamp Xiomara looked both ways at the quiet street lit only by the light of the street lamps. Sighing to herself she moved out from under the lamp as the light became brighter again. Even though it was warm out Xiomara shivered as she walked down the middle of the empty street.
A friend of mine re-wrote what I posted up in #5 and gave me a couple tips on what to change so that the sentences flow better and I decided to share the re-write that my friend did :)

"Xiomara stood under a low-lit street lamp on the side of a quiet street. Sighing to herself, she moved away from the lamp as it began to brighten. She walked down the middle of the empty street, shivering despite the warm night."

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Joan said...

Hi Megan,

Love your #7 Pope Francis quote, thanks for sharing! :)

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

Oh, I hadn't seen the Belle/Katniss comparison before! I love it!