Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 2

On Sunday the girls club that Rosy and Aaliyah are in had the family event part of the club. What the club does each year,during the school year, is the girls learn about a new country each year and usually in either January or February they invite the rest of the families to a dinner and "presentation" of what they have learned so far. Depending on the country that is being studied will depend on what the girls do. This year they have been studying the USA so the girls gave different speeches from different presidents as well as American poems and in between presentations we joined in the folk songs. It was fun. After we came home after that we watched the Closing Ceremony for the Olympics. I have to say that I liked South Korea's performance better then Russia's.

Towards the beginning of the girls club event friends of ours, who we hadn't seen since March of last year, surprised us and a bunch of the other girls that they were friends with. Even though no one really got to spend a lot of time talking with them it was still nice to see them for a little while.

If you didn't see day 1 you can find it here.

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