Friday, March 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

In case you haven't seen it yet there is a youtube video of "Let It Go" being sung in different character voices from Disney and Pixar movies floating around on Facebook and it is hysterical. I like the guys Micky Mouse and Whinnie the Pooh impressions. You can find the video here.
On Saturday my family and I finally got to watch "Thor: The Dark World" and we all enjoyed it. Especially once Loki showed up. We all loved this scene. I also thought that the funeral scene for Thor's mother was sad and beautiful at the same time. Here is a link to the scene. If you haven't seen it yet I apologize for the spoilers.
The amazing Irish Soda bread that we have every year on St. Patrick's Day.

This is the one week during Lent that I like to think of as our splurging on sweets week. The reason being that we celebrate St. Patrick's day at the beginning of the week, then on the 19th is the fest of St. Joseph is a Solemnity so that means another dessert and the 20th is Amanda's birthday! So that is the reason why I consider this week to be our "splurging on the sweets."
In case I haven't mentioned it before but for Lent my family gives up sweets and desserts, but then we are allowed to give up other things, like the computer or movies, during Lent. We can also do extra things as well.
Last week I finally got myself a new iPod since the battery on my old one died a while ago, which was annoying. This time around I decided to get myself an iPod touch, instead of just an iPod Nano. The apps that I have downloaded so far are Facebook, Pandora, Instagram, and Minion Rush. I also have all of my music uploaded so that I have something to listen too, in case I don't feel like listening to anything on Pandora or the radio.
I saw this on Pinterest and thought that it would be nice to have in case I feel like listening to music in the bathroom.

On the website that was attached to the picture there was a deal but it ended on Sunday. Otherwise I would have gotten it if I had found out about it sooner. But I shall have to find it somewhere else in case I decide to get it.
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