Sunday, March 2, 2014


My apologies for the title being in pretty much all caps. Like I mentioned the other day about the title of Thursday's post working better for this one, the title that I have works even better because it is my birthday! Though I don't really like to publicize my birthday on the internet I decided to do it for today's 7 posts, 7 days thing since I had nothing else to do for today.

Besides getting to quote "Tangled" for this post I get to share my birthday with a dear friend of mine. It was kind of funny how my friend "R" and I found out that we shared the same birthday. We had met at a week long Catholic girl's summer camp and one day during lunch the camp coordinator had all of the months separate into tables according to the month that their birthday is in. So as the March tables were waiting to get their lunch we were going around the tables saying when our birthdays were and that is how R and I found out that we share the same birthday, as well as being born in the same year. Not to mention we were born eight hours apart so we said that we were twins.

Since I was about ten I have always had a cherry pie and ice cream for dessert, though I'm not sure how I decided that I liked cherry pies. For a long time I always had pizza for dinner on my birthday but that has changed over the past few years to other dinners that I enjoy. This year since the Oscars are tonight we will most likely be watching those as well.

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