Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Well there's one play down and one more to go. The second performance of "The Seven Last Words of Christ" is on Sunday. The first performance went well and we managed to sell out at the last minute. Why we worry that there won't be enough tickets sold in the weeks leading to the show(s) I have no idea, because we always manage to sell out. At the church that we performed at on the 5th they were very nice and gave us a couple big baskets filled with bars, mints, and small bags of trail mix and almonds and peanuts.
A while ago on my old blog I had written a post about being obsessed, or something like that, with pens. Though I have always been obsessed with the weather I feel like I have been noticing it more since I got a job, because I have to check it pretty much every day and some times several times a day. Not to mentioned I have mentioned the crazy weather that we have been having lately several times already.
*Very Clean* Funny Pics, which is one of the pages that I follow on Facebook posted this on Sunday and thought that it was funny and had to share it.

I have been doing okay with doing Camp NaNo. Though I haven't been able to reach the suggested average words per day (1,667 words) I have been doing okay. I would include a snippet of my story but what I have so far isn't the best. But I might include part of it at a later date.
This is the saved spot for my almost weekly round of complaining about not knowing what to write for one of the quick takes. But I couldn't think of anything to really complain about.

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