Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

As you probably saw from my post on Tuesday I had a nice Easter with my family. So I won't be talking about that really here :)
Found this on Pinterest. Jane Austen Disney princesses.

Even though I know that it will never happen I want a library like this in my house. It is the

State Hall of the Austrian National Library, Vienna. 

I was going to write something here but I forgot what it was of course. It is so annoying when that happens. And this would probably be about the time that I complain about not knowing what to write about for my 7 Quick Takes this week. It seems like I go in spurts of knowing what to write for each quick take and then there are the weeks where I don't know what to write. This weeks is one of the not knowing weeks. Maybe next week I will be feeling inspired again on what to write about. Unless I decide to write a separate post about it before Friday comes around.
I saw this on Pinterest and of course I had to laugh because I feel like I barely made it through the winter.

Now I am sure that you have seen the quiz that tells you the area that you most likely are from or fit in with in the United States. I have taken the quiz at leas three times already and all three times I got one or two cities from the state that I live in as well as one or two cities from different states. Even if you have taken the quiz before but wanted to take it again you can find it here.
On Tuesday afternoon as I was driving home after school and dropping Yavi off at work I was thinking about a couple post ideas that I want to do. Of course by the time I had gotten home from work I had forgotten what they were so once I figure out the ideas I had for the posts again I will write them and post them as soon as possible.
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Anna Ilona Mussmann said...

I don't usually "go in" for re-imaginings of Disney princesses, but this one is irresistible. Thanks!

notaminx said...

The winter still has me crying...I barely survived, that's for sure!