Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter Week

Happy Easter week everyone!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I did :) Easter morning my mom's parents and one of our uncles came over early to our house for house for a breakfast that consisted of cold Polish Sausage, horse radish, that we all had to smell, blessed hard boiled eggs, Easter bread, and hot cross buns. Yavi's friend from school, who is from Ghana, came over on Saturday night and colored Easter eggs with us, she also came on Sunday morning for breakfast since she didn't have any other plans. After breakfast we went to mass. I apologize for all of the random stuff in the picture but here is a picture of the dress that I wore for Easter.

Here is a picture of my Easter basket. Not pictured is the new earrings that I got since I was wearing them.

After mass we came home for a few minutes and then went to my other grandma's house for dinner. All of the aunts, uncles and cousins were there. Dinner was ham, carrots, asparagus, bread and cheesy potatoes. Of course it wouldn't be Easter without the lamb cake, though I didn't have a piece. I had a piece of the pineapple upside down cake instead. If I had remembered to bring my camera with I would have taken a picture of the inside of our church as well as the lamb cake that my aunt made. Instead hear is a picture of the mini minion figure that I got in my Easter basket. Everyone got a Despicable Me mini figure in their baskets.

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