Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Random Middle of the Week Post

This week is my family's vacation. On the 26th our church was having a BBQ with the Bishop to help raise money for the shrine to St. Gianna Molla and one Sunday we went to a presentation that one of my dad's cousin's was giving by the canal about an art piece that he did and was in the canal. Monday morning we went for a seventeen mile bike ride and it took us 2 hours and 15 mins to do it all. The first part of the ride was really nice because the trail went through some forest preseves as well as past some nice subdivisions. Once we were done we all agreed that we could have gone without the second half of the loop because it went past a bunch of smelly warehouses and past several busy roads. We were sore after that and when we got home most of us took naps. Tuesday afternoon we went to the waterpark that is about 25 minutes from our house. It was fun. One of the water slides that I went on was covered and pitch black so it was a little scary going down. When AJ went down his first water slide the lifeguard that was at the top of the slide spun AJ around before sending him down the slide and AJ went down backwards. The wave pool was fun as well.

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