Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome to another one of my random blog posts where I talk about a bunch of random things because I didn't feel like actually doing more than one blog post about each subject. Monday night I was going to do a post about the weather and the storm that blew through the area, but as soon as I started writing the post it felt like I had already written about it before so I got rid of that post. Then I was going to do a post about the second Captain America movie since my family saw it this week, but then I decided not to do that either. So now I am doing a random post about different things that I was going to post about but didn't end up doing. There was suppose to be a post yesterday, but that obviously didn't happen. But that was partly because my family and I were over at a friend's house helping clean up all of the branches and trees that were in their yard after the storm Monday night. After spending pretty much all day cutting up as much of the three large oak trees and cleaning up branches and trees, we went and got ice cream and saw fireworks. Though the fireworks that we saw were kind of lame because they only lasted for a couple minutes.

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