Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Last week as I was scrolling through Pinterest and I came across this:

You have to go back and think about every episode with the Ponds and River Song this way. Is she just talking to them as companions of the Doctor or is she talking to them as her parents?

That ^^^^^^^ is the comment that was with t\the picture when I repinned it.
School started again this week. This semester I am taking math, english and marketing. When I got my marketing textbook in the mail there was a can of Red Bull (which I don't drink) and I thought that it was kind of interesting and weird at the same time. My dad pointed out that it was a marketing scheme to make you interested in getting Red Bull. If you are ever interested in renting text books instead of buying them you can check out, because they have decent prices for renting books and they tell you how to ship the book(s) back once the semester is over.
The first episode of Doctor Who Season 8 aired lasted week Saturday evening and I had the privilege to watch it with some friends as it aired on BBC America. I liked it. Some of the lines were pretty funny and that is all I am going to say in case there are people who haven't seen the episode yet.
About a week or so ago Amanda had picked up a book at the library called "What Alice Forgot." I read it last week and while it might not be on my must read again list, it was interesting. If I was to
Just recently my mom had downloaded a book on her Kindle about healthy eating and we are giving it a try. From the bits and pieces that my mom has read allowed it sounds very interesting. One of the recipes that we tried was cheeseburger pie and it was pretty good and it tasted a lot like a cheeseburger, but without the bun. We also tried "green fries" which was just green beans and broccoli with a bunch of different seasonings on them and then backed in the oven. Those were good as well.
On Sunday while I was doing my usual scroll through Pinterest I found a yummy sounding recipe for Pumpkin Pound cake. Even though I am doing the healthy eating thing with the rest of my family I want to try it.

The TARDIS - along with some of The Doctor's best quotes.

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