Thursday, August 21, 2014

Couldn't think of a creative name......

I guess you could call this a throwback Thursday post because I finished the blanket back at the beginning of May and just got around to taking pictures of the finished product now. Pinterest is to blame for giving me the idea to make this blanket, though I don't remember where the original pin that I got the idea from went too. I had started making it last year using up the rest of a pink flannel sheet that was in our material bucket, but then I ran out of that so it sat around for a while by our sewing machine until I found a large grey flannel sheet. Here are a couple pictures of the blanket that I took.

This is a just because photo

While I could have made it a little nicer I like how it turned out :)

"Rose it wasn't a dream." - Waking Rose
"It was a dream come true." - Waking Rose

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