Thursday, August 14, 2014

Long Lost Art That I Drew

The other day my mom was sorting through a bunch of boxes and found some of the art work and stories/book reports that Amanda, Yavi and I have done. So I decided to share the art work that I drew when I was younger. The two stories that I wrote when I was younger will make an appearance on here as well :) The butterfly picture is the only drawing that I know what age I was when I drew it and the other ones are some time around then.

I am not sure why it is a sad butterfly

Abstract Art

I think this is suppose to be me with Amanda, Yavi Aaliyah and our parents

It looks like these are pumpkins and that they are suppose to be me and my sisters.

I think this one was drawn after one of my siblings was born.

Not sure who this is suppose to be a drawing of.

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