Monday, August 18, 2014

The Adventure of Sherpork Holmes

This is a story that I wrote back when I was eleven. Why it had to be a story about pigs I don't know, but here it is, enjoy :)

The adventure begins in Pork City on July 18th, 1818. The Hams children, Lily, Peter, George and Henry, were playing in their yard. Then, who should come along but the Big Bad Goose. He started to chase them around the yard. They all ran oinking into the house. Mr. Ham called Sherpork Holmes to save the day. Meanwhile the Big Bad Goose was trying to get into the house. He got in and kidnapped Peter and Lily, who were twins, then ran off. Then who should enter the scene but Sherpork Holmes and his faithful friend Doc Bacon. Mr. Ham told them what had happened in the last few minutes or so. Then off they went in search of the Big Bad Goose. The Big Bad Goose soon got to his lair, and there he dropped Lily and Peter. Sherpork Holmes and Doc Bacon were nearing the lair, which was about 30 miles from Pork City, in Chop Mountain. Chop Mountain is very high and very steep. Lily and Peter were tired and hungry from all the crying they had done. The Big Bad Goose had put them in a large wire cage by now. The only things that were in there were two small beds, food and water bowls, and a small bench. Serpork Holmes and Doc Bacon were climbing up the side of Chop Mountain. Then it started to rain. Since they were by the Bog Bad Goose's cave, they ran in there. Since the Big Bad Goose was out, they were safe. While they were in there, they saw the cage with Lily and Peter in it. They found the keys and unlocked the door and ran out of the cave and down the mountainside. They got back to Pork City safe and sound. When the Big Bad Goose got back, he saw that his prisoners were gone and became sorry for what he had done.

The End.

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