Friday, October 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Since I haven't done a 7 Quick Takes in a while I thought that now would be a good time since I wanted to post some thing this week but couldn't think of anything else to post and this week is almost over anyhow.
On Sunday we went to the Byzantine church for mass and then went out to brunch afterwards. When we came home my dad and some of my siblings cleaned up the bushes and gutters outside and then we went and watched the rest of the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons game. The Bears won. After dinner me, my mom, Yavi, Amanda and her boyfriend watched this weeks episode of Once Upon a Time. "Mummy on the Orient Express", followed after OUAT's episode in our afternoon/evening of staring at the TV screen.
Centipedes occasionally like to crawl around either on the wall or the floor and yesterday there was one hanging out on the wall by the computer that my siblings use. Since my brother, who we usually make kill the centipedes, was busy washing breakfast dishes I decided to go see where it was. The centipede had decided to move right as I walked into the room and since it had stopped on the wall at the top of the doorway I grabbed a chair and a shoe and went to go kill it, but it dropped to the floor. Once I found it crawling around in the tan carpeting I went to go it it with the shoe, which I did, I managed to hurt one of the fingers on my right hand, which is my dominate hand. Boy did that hurt, and now I just have to deal with a sore finger.
Since math and I don't mix very well and I hadn't done so well on the three tests that we had done in the class, I talked about it with my parents and they had suggested that I drop the class instead of dealing with an F. I did that this week and since I only had English class on Monday, for the rest of this week I just had my marketing class on two days. Which was nice because it meant that I got to save on gas.
Yesterday I found out that the college that I go to is having a kick-off party on November 1st for NaNoWriMo, and I really want to go, but I can't, because I will be at a wedding. My college is also having a writing night on November 12th and NaNo participants can meet up for a couple hours that night to write and work on other ideas for their stories. So I really hope that I can make it to that.
This is the reserved slot for my usual complaining, which usually ends up being the same as the time before. So instead of doing my usual complaining about not knowing what else to write/post about I will leave you with this picture from Facebook instead.

Here are some autumn/ fall signatures that I made to be used on The Fairy Tale Novels Fan Forum.

This one is my favorite

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