Monday, November 17, 2014

Dark and Stormy Night Mad Lib

Here is the blank mad lib that I mentioned last week in this post. As soon as I finish filling it out and if I remember too, I will post my version soon.

Dark and Stormy Night Mad Lib

It was a dark and stormy _________ (noun); the rain _____ (verb) in torrents, except at occasional intervals, when it was ______ (verb) by a ___________ (adjective) gust of ______ (noun Pl.) (For it is in __________ (place) that our scene lies), rattling along the _________ (noun, Pl), and _____ (adjective) agitating the ______ (adjective) flame of the ______(noun) that struggled against the _______(noun). Through one of the _______(adjective) quarters of ______(place), and among haunts little loved by the ______(noun) of the ________(profession), a man, evidently of the lowest orders, was _______ing (verb) his solitary way. He _______-ed (verb) twice or thrice at different _______(place) and ________(places) of a description correspondent with the ______(noun) of the quartier in which they were _______-ed (verb) and tended ______(noun) for some article or another which did not seem _________(adverb) to be met with. All the __________(noun pl) he _______-ed (verb) were couched in the negative; and as he turned from each ______(noun) he muttered to himself, in no very _________(adjective) phraseology, his _______(emotion) and _______(emotion). At length, at one _________(location), the landlord, a sturdy ___________(profession), after rendering the same __________ (Noun) the inquirer had hitherto received, added, “But if this vill do vell, _______(name of person in room), it is quite at your ________(noun)!” Pausing _________(adverb) for a moment, ________(name of person in room) responded that he thought the _________(noun) proffered might do as well; and ________-ing (verb) it into his _____adjective) _______(noun), he _______(verb) away with as rapid a motion as the ______(noun) and the ____(noun) would allow. He soon came to a ______(noun) of ________(adjective) and _________(adjective) buildings, at the entrance to which, in _____(adjective) characters, was written “_____(motto).” Halting at the most _____(adjective) of these buildings, an ______(location) or ________(location), through the half closed ______(noun) of which blazed out in ______(adjective) comfort the ______(nouns) of the ________(adjective) _____(noun), he ______(verb) hastily at the _____(noun). 

Paul Clifford (1830) by Sir Edward George Bulwer-Lytton(1803-1873).

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