Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mad libs

Here is my version of the mad libs that I posted on Monday. Hope you enjoy :)

Dark and Stormy Night Mad Lib

It was a dark and stormy fog (noun); the rain hopped (verb) in torrents, except at occasional intervals, when it was knit (verb) by a elegant (adjective) gust of balls (noun Pl.) (For it is in Chicago (place) that our scene lies), rattling along the cents (noun, Pl), and lazy (adjective) agitating the mushy (adjective) flame of the cemetery (noun) that struggled against the division(noun). Through one of the clumsy (adjective) quarters of Chicago(place), and among haunts little loved by the bed (noun) of the nurse(profession), a man, evidently of the lowest orders, was jumping (verb) his solitary way. He hopped (verb) twice or thrice at different corner(place) and buildings(places) of a description correspondent with the bee(noun) of the quarter in which they were locked (verb) and tended eyes(noun) for some article or another which did not seem well (adverb) to be met with. All the clocks(noun pl) he imagined (verb) were couched in the negative; and as he turned from each clock(noun) he muttered to himself, in no very embarrassed(adjective) phraseology, his sad(emotion) and angry(emotion). At length, at one tavern(location), the landlord, a sturdy stable hand(profession), after rendering the same cobweb (Noun) the inquirer had hitherto received, added, “But if this vill do vell, Michael(name of person in room), it is quite at your authority(noun)!” Pausing loudly(adverb) for a moment, Michael(name of person in room) responded that he thought the duck(noun) proffered might do as well; and skipping (verb) it into his glamorous(adjective) duck(noun), he scatter (verb) away with as rapid a motion as the cloud(noun) and the drum(noun) would allow. He soon came to a clover(noun) of grumpy(adjective) and odd(adjective) buildings, at the entrance to which, in wide-eyed(adjective) characters, was written “Veni, vidi, vici(motto).” Halting at the most purple(adjective) of these buildings, a townhouse (location) or inn(location), through the half closed stool(noun) of which blazed out in blue(adjective) comfort the cherries(nouns) of the mysterious(adjective) cheese(noun), he mixed (verb) hastily at the box(noun). 

Paul Clifford (1830) by Sir Edward George Bulwer-Lytton(1803-1873).

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