Monday, February 23, 2015

Lenten Reflections: First Week of Lent

From the Letter of Saint Clare to Ermantrude of Burges,

Look to heaven that invites us, O dearly beloved, 
and take up the cross and follow Christ who goes before us,
for through Him we shall enter into His glory after many different trials.

Love God and Jesus, His son, who was crucified for us sinners,
from the depths of your heart,
and never let the thought of Him leave your mind.

Meditate constantly on the mysteries of the cross
and agonies of His mother standing at the foot of the cross.

Pray and always be vigilant.

The work you have begun well, complete immediately
and the ministry you have assumed,
fulfill in holy poverty and sincere humility.

For Prayer and Reflection
  1. Where in your life are you invited to "take up the cross and follow Christ?
  2. In your meditation on the mysteries of the cross, how have you encountered Jesus?
  3. Where in your ministry do you experience a fulfillment of "holy poverty and sincere humility" ?

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