Friday, March 13, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


Tuesday was a lot of fun because of the very dense fog. It was really annoying to drive in, especially when I had to deal with an intersection that is near my house. The nice thing was that in town and a decent area around my house were de-fogged on my way home from school. The fog in between was still dense and annoying. Of course the fog decided to stay around until Wednesday morning. But I was fin with the because I didn't have to leave the house until the afternoon.


Besides having fog all day Tuesday and a part of Wednesday, we have been having some really nice weather. It's finally warm out again!!!! Though there is one day so far next week that is in the 40's, but it is still warmer than 0 degrees out which is nice for a change :)


Last week I mentioned that I was going out with Amanda and some of my cousins to celebrate my birthday. It was a lot of fun. 


This weeks inspirational quote :)


The new "Cinderella" movie comes out today in theaters and I can't wait to see it. This is one of the only movies that has been made in recent years that I really want to go and see. Even though the story of "Cinderella" has been run into the ground a bit, the movie trailers make it feel like a different story.


On Monday it will be a week until Spring Break!!!!!!! As much as I am liking my classes this semester I am ready for a bit of a break, even if it is just a week. Especially since it gives me more time to work on an oral presentation that I have to do for my English class. 


Grace said...

Happy Birthday! (And Happy Spring Break!)

Grace--Just visiting from 7QTs

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

The quote graphic is beautiful. I am all excited about the Cinderella movie as well. I hope it lives up to expectations.

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