Friday, March 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


Even though this week, with the exception of Monday, has been in the 50's and 40's I don't really care because it means that warmer weather is still on it's way and will hopefully be here sometime soon. On Monday it is supposed to be in the upper 40's and snowing. I don't want the snow right now, especially when it is officially spring. But that is one way to start of spring break I guess.


I saw this on Pinterest the other day and thought that it was a really cute idea!!! Especially if you don't know what to give someone for a present.

Graduation present I made my best friend... Wooden letter (purchased from Hobby Lobby) covered in wallet pictures.. Modge-Podge wooden letter then cover with pictures, lastly Modge-Podge over pictures with paint sponge :) Write on back as you would a card to utilize space and make it more special!

Another Pinterest find that I found the other day was a link to a blog post on how to do Plot and Structure in writing. So I decided to share it here for other fellow writers to read, share and pin. 


When I first started putting together this week's 7QT's I was originally going to have each number be a different day for this week. But then I changed my mind because I thought that it would be a bit boring if I did that for every single one. 


On Monday my mom, Amanda, Yavi and I finally got smart phones. Besides getting a new phone, Monday was an adventure for me, and kind of for everyone else as well. The phones were supposed to come last week on Wednesday, but that didn't happen. Then they were supposed to come Friday morning, that didn't happen either. So the only time the guy was able to come out to our house was Monday afternoon at 3:00. Since I had to leave for work by then I had to leave my old phone at home. After picking up the kids that I nanny we went over to their house and found that we were locked out of the house. And after calling the parents to let them know what was going on I drove us all over to the closest Culver's for an early dinner. Not long after we got back to the house, the dad arrived and let us in.


A while ago I had found a list of things to do for planning your novels. I had saved it to my writing board on Pinterest, but I can't find the link so that I could share it here. But I had printed it out so here it is :)

  • Write up an analysis of each character (no matter how small a part they play in your story). In doing this you will discover small antidotes or traits that add to the story line. It also helps to eliminate characters that are irrelevant.
  • Write a list of themes you want to explore: Which character wants to them and for what reason? Does your character find what they are looking for? What symbolism can you use to explore these themes? Is there any intertextuality you can apply to your themes?
  • Write all the events (major and minor) that you have discovered in your character and theme analysis onto separate index cards. Then categorize them into: Exposition, Climax, Resolution, This will help you find the best order for your events and will help you to visualize your plot.
  • Look at each scene and ask yourself these questions: What are my characters emotions in this scene? What can I do to foreshadow these events? Does Pathetic Fallacy play a part? Do other characters respond the way my protagonist expects? How do I want my reader to respond? Do these events add to the reader's knowledge and push forward the narrative?
  • During planning and drafts create side comments to indicate where your symbolism/foreshadowing is used to ensure you are providing the right clues for your reader.

Since this weeks 7OT's ended up being a bit focused on writing stuff I thought that I would share this outline for writing that I found on Pinterest (again). 

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