Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Running Around Like a Chicken with Its Head Cut Off

If I had a better name for this post I would have used it, but I don't, though the title still fits how I feel this week.

Monday I was supposed to go to work at one o'clock since it was the last day of break for the kids that I nanny. But the mom had to switch part of her work schedule around and ended up taking the day off, but forgot to call me ahead of time. So I ended up getting the day off.

Tuesday (Yesterday, depending on when you are reading this), I had school all day and then I had to go to work after that. I didn't get home until closer to 8 p.m. Since it was AJ's birthday yesterday I quickly ate the \Italian sausage and french fries, that my family had saved me for dinner, before we sang to him and had dessert.

Wednesday I had to go to work at 10:30 because the dad had to go in to work early and the youngest kids that I watch is doing part time school right now. So I stayed with her for a little bit before I had to drop her off at school. Once she was dropped off I went to the closest Panera Bread and stayed there for a while before having to pick up the two younger kids from school. After picking up the two youngest kids I had to drive over to the school that their older sister goes to and pick her up from after school soccer practice. Then we grabbed McDonald's for dinner and then I dropped two of the kids off for their Catechism class.

Tomorrow/Thursday I have to do more running around, because I have school and then I have to go to an acupuncture appointment before going to pick kids up from school. Thankfully after picking up the kids I can take them home.

Friday is the only real slow day that I have this week, because I just have a doctor's appointment in the morning and then I don't have to go to work until the kids get off of school.

And that is why I gave this post the title that I did. So even though I am not a mom I know what it feels like to be running around all over the place.

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