Monday, June 22, 2015

Blog Header Ideas

The other day in my 7 Quick Takes post I mentioned that I had been thinking of adding a picture to the header of my blog and that I would share the finished results here so that you could help me decided on which one to use!! So here are the four headers that I came up with for my blog. Let me know what you guys think and which one is your favorite down in the comments.

Header #1:

Header #2:

Header #3:

Header #4:

Friday, June 19, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.) Last weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday the house phone went out, Saturday evening the air conditioning went out and on Sunday the power went out for a couple hours. At least there was a bit of a breeze outside, which helped with the heat a little.

2.) Saturday evening I hung out with some friends and watched Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals. It was a lot of fun. On Monday Amanda and I met up with the same friends from Saturday to watch Game 6. Since I am from the Midwest it was exciting to see the Chicago Blackhawks beat Tampa Bay in games 5 & 6 and win the Stanley Cup.

3.) This writing prompt is one that I want to use at some point in my writing.

4.) Because everyone needs a picture of an adorable picture of a kitten to smile at.

5.) Since we had a decent amount of rain over the weekend and on Monday some of my siblings said that it was the Midwest version of Monsoon weather. While I enjoy rain with a little bit of thunder mixed in, I am not a huge fan of almost constant rain for several days. Not to mention that I don't really care for driving in really heavy downpours.

6.) Ever since I redid the look of my blog a while ago I have been wanting to add a picture in the header, but never did anything with it. I have finally found three pictures that I like and want to try out as potential headers for here. Once I have them put together I'll post them here and you can let me know what you think of the headers and which one you like best. The site that I got the pictures that I will be using from is called Unsplash and it is a website that has free (do what ever you want) high-resolution photos that you can use.

7.) My current favorite song is "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tea and Yarn

On Thursday Amanda, Aaliyah and I were out and stopped in at an adorable shop called Betsy's Yarn and Tea Shop. They had a large assortment of teas and a collection of tea pots and cups/saucers in different colors. There was also a selection of yarns there. Of course I pretty much went straight to the yarn, while Amanda went for the tea pots. After looking through the yarn that they had I found a color that I really liked!

This is the yarn that I bought, though I haven't decided on what I am going to make with it.
The tea that I bought is part of a collection, called Be Active Teas, that is sold at the store, and is distributed The Republic of Tea. I got Get Burning: Herb Tea for Metabolism, and it is Hot Cinnamon Ginger. Since cinnamon is supposed to help with weight loss and I really like cinnamon flavored stuff, I thought it was the perfect kind for me to get. Besides the tea being cinnamon, it can be served as a hot tea or as iced tea depending on the season.
Warming Herbs - Feeling sluggish? This spicy herbal blend was created to help rev up your internal engine. It’s a tasty way to increase the body’s metabolism and resistance to stress.* It has an organic green rooibos base, sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, with holy basil, a long-revered herb said to increase energy and the body’s resistance to stress.* Cordyceps, a traditional medicinal herb used by Chinese athletes to boost energy and endurance,* and the invigorating kick of chili peppers complete the package. This tea stimulates the body without taxing our vital systems.