Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scavenger hunt + Photography = Sounds Like Fun

Last night I was scrolling through Pinterest to see if there was any new pins that sounded delicious (food), crafty, writing related, or something that fit into one of my other boards and one of the pins that a friend of mine had pinned was for a photography scavenger hunt. Of course since I enjoy doing photography and haven't taken any pictures with my camera lately, the camera on my phone doesn't count, I decided to pin it and then print it out so that I can bring it along on vacation next week.

I would start doing it this week but I am rather busy with work and trying to get ready to leave for vacation, so the scavenger hunt has to wait until next week to start. Once I start the scavenger hunt and come back from vacation I am planning on posting the pictures on here to share.

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