Saturday, August 29, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


I finished the pillow last week. According to my siblings the pillow is the first project that I have finished in a while. It is only like that because I was trying to make a blanket with yarn that was really hard to use and figure out. And I already started working on the second pillow and I will post one or two pictures when I remember too do so. The yarn that I am using for the second pillow reminds me of cotton candy.


School is going good so far. This week and last week I just had my speech class and starting on this coming Tuesday my two online classes are starting. One of my online classes is a continuation of a class that I took back in the spring, so it shouldn't be that hard and the second online class is just learning about the ins and outs of Microsoft Word. One thing that I like about my Speech teacher is that she has been doing activities in class that help us with listening. 


A couple weeks ago I was at the library in town and I was looking for some new books to read and I had wandered over to the movie/tv show shelves and I found the tv show Call the Midwife and I decided to check out the first season. 

Since it is more of an adult show I was watching in on my laptop with earbuds in. Because it was pretty funny at parts my mom said that she should start watching it. 

Now my mom and Yaviel are both watching it and we are on to the second season, though we have all had to start watching it at different times because we haven't all been home at the same time to watch it together. 


Earlier this week as I was doing my daily scrolling through Pinterest I came across a recipe featuring pumpkins. The recipe is called Peekaboo Pumpkin Pound Cake. The recipe looks very easy to make and is something that I want to try and bake at some point, though I will have to find a pumpkin cookie cutter somewhere. Of course now that I said that I will have to remember to actually make it.


Last week Wednesday my family and I went and saw The Piano Guys in concert. It was awesome and amazing and so cool. Especially since it was the first concert that anyone from me on down had ever gone too. We were videoing a lot of the songs that they played and uploading it to Instagram and Facebook, so I think that a lot of people that we are friends with who hadn't heard of the Piano Guys before knows who they are now. There was a way that you could get a chance to do a meet and greet after the concert, but no one in my family got picked :(


Saturday morning last week the Knights of Columbus council in the town that I am from was hosting a blood drive at the village hall with Heartland Blood Centers. Since I had donated blood once already my mom suggested that I go and do it again. When I got there one of the gentlemen who were checking people in said that he remembered me from when I was little. Unfortunately I don't remember what his name is.


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Magdalen Aithne Arkwright said...

I think Call the Midwife is SUCH a good show! I haven't watched the latest season, or any of it in a while, but I really enjoyed it. It was funny to see conflicting morality about the value of life, but I found it truly uplifting watching the characters be deeply moved by life, its newness and its tragedy. It's beautiful.