Sunday, August 23, 2015

Almost Finished

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, I have been working on knitting a pillowcase and that I got the idea for it off of Pinterest. Well I have finished kitting the case and sewn it together already.

If you want to get technical about it I actually crocheted the sides together. I did that because in the pattern that I followed it said that crocheting the edges together gives it a cleaner look than sewing it together. So I figured that I would give it a try since I had taught my self how to crochet several months ago.

While the edges might not have turned out to be the straightest I still think that crocheting the sides together was a lot better than sewing them. So now that I am finished knitting and sewing it together I just need the pillow that will be going inside.

Now that I am done crocheting the pillowcase I could just go back to working on a blanket that I started knitting two years ago and never finished, but I decided to start working on another pillowcase. This one is a blue and pink variegated yarn with a white yarn accent. But now that school is starting up again and I will have homework to do, it may take me a bit longer to make this next one that it did to make the one that I just finished.

While I like adding stripes occasionally to thinks that I am knitting I have a hard time making sure that they will be lined up correctly when I am finished. With the pillow case I had added stripes to it and while it still looks cool and everything, they aren't lined up. 

The last time I made a pillow case, each side was four squares that I knit and then sewed together. So it didn't involve adding strips and having to line everything really. While the non-matching lines might annoy some people, I like how it turned out.

Once I get the pillow and finish putting it all together I will make sure to post a picture or two of it on here. And once I get more of the second one done I will post a picture or two of the progress of that one, just like I did with the blue one.

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