Thursday, August 27, 2015

Always Say Thank You

How often do you hear someone saying thank you? When was the last time that you said thank you to someone?

Thank you is a very simple and very easy phrase to slip into your daily conversations. No matter where you are or who you are with or what you are doing at that moment always remember to say thank you for any help that you receive.

No matter where you are thank you is a phrase that you often hear and have said to you. It is often said to you by cashiers, the lunch lady, baristas, family members, and many other people that you will meet at some point in your life. While others may say thank you to you, how often do you say thank you in return? Just by simply saying thank you to someone say it with a smile, because it could make someone's day just hearing those two simple words.

There will always be people out in the world who don't say thank you to someone who helps them, no matter how simple and easy it is to slip it into a conversation. While there will always be rudeness in the world you can start changing, even if it doesn't seem like much, by simply saying thank you and being polite to others. Even though it may be something that you aren't used to saying very often simply slipping thank you can make a difference. These two simple words may just brighten up your day simply by hearing them from others or saying them.

No matter what happens during your day there is always something to be thankful for. Whether it is good or bad you need to be thankful for it, because the next day is never guaranteed. Even if you don't feel like saying thank you to someone, you should always try to say it.

Because this phrase has been taught to us from a young age, it should be a natural think to say and to remember. While it should be remembered and said by everyone, thank you is often forgotten and left out. And because it is left out we need to try harder to say thank you to anyone that helps us with something.

To me saying thank you is a natural thing to do, and while I might not be in a happy mood I still try to be polite and say thank you to anyone who offers their help. Are there times where I forget? Yes there are times that I forget to say it. But I always try my best to remember to say it to the next person that I meet and that offers any sort off help. Even if you forget to tell someone thank you, always try your best to remember the next time to say it the next time help is offered to you.

So no matter where you are or who you may be with always remember to say thank you when help is offered. And remember to say it with a smile.

"Always say thank you. Say it daily. Say it with a smile. Say thank you to God, thank you to the people most important in your life, To your family, to your friends. Say thank you to the random people you meet. To the person at the check-out counter, to the person at the deli, to the person who hands you your lunch, to the person who hands you your coffee. Say thank you to your teachers, to your co-workers, to your fellow classmates. Never go a day without saying "thank you". Be thankful for everything that comes your way, even if it's good or bad. Because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Never stop saying thank you and say it with a smile."

"No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each morning and be thankful that you still have one."

*Photos are from unsplash.

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