Thursday, August 6, 2015

Birds in the Fireplace

The idea for this popped into my head one night while my family was praying the Rosary together and because we have a couple birds currently living inside the chimney of our house. It's not the greatest but let me know what you think.

Birds in the fireplace.
It's what they call their home
From Spring until Fall.

From darkness into light they fly.
And from light to dark they return,
Flying between walls of brick and stone.

In their choice of nest,
Birds in the fireplace are heard.
Bickering back and forth
They speak in a language all their own.

Inside their home of darkness and soot,
They speak while flying to and fro.
Constant chatter and flying they use.
Hardly stopping while in their nest.

Day or night they fly about.
Either sky high or or darkness and soot,
Hardly slowing down as they do.

At Summer's end they prepare.
When the leaves start to fall,
The birds prepare to move on.

Soon the birds leave their fireplace home.
As the weather changes from warm to cold
The birds find a new home to stay.

In the cold of winter
The birds in the fireplace
stay happy in their new home.

When spring returns
So will the birds.
To their home in the fireplace.


Amanda said...

This is really good Meg! You should write more poetry =)

Laura said...

That is very good!