Monday, August 3, 2015

Yet Another Knitting Project

A while ago I decided to ditch the black and white blanket that I had been working on since January, because I was so fed up with trying to use it. So now I am working on yet another knitting project. This time it is a pillow case for a throw pillow. As usual, like, most of my ideas lately, I got the idea off of Pinterest.

The website that I got the idea from is The Decorated Cookie, where the owner did a post back at the end of January this year with a bunch of different knitting projects and links to the original posts for those. The last one in the list was for knit pillows.

After looking at the link and seeing that it was really easy to make I decided to give making a pillow case for a throw pillow. Using two skeins of yarn that I had already purchased for other previous projects I started making a pillow. I haven't bought the pillow that goes inside of the case yet, but I will probably get it soon.

When I first started knitting this project the weather was still on the cooler rainy side of things. But the other day I pulled it out again and decided to bring it to work with me. So far I think it's going along pretty wall.

Once I finish the project, with the pillow included, I will do my best and post a picture of the finished project. And depending on how long it takes me to make this one I am thinking of making another pillow to go with it. If I do in fact end up doing a second pillow it's going to be a pink variegated yarn with black accents since I really won't have enough of the blue yarn to do a matching one. But I will have to wait and see on how the first one goes before I can start on making a second one.

(the picture was taken on Friday and I have added a lot more on since then.)

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