Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hardly Ever Perfect

Last week I had written a blog post that I was going to share, but then I changed my mind. I changed my mind on posting it because I didn't think that it was good enough to share. I had started writing another post to share. But I didn't get very far with it because I couldn't think of the right words to say.

Why as humans do we have this constant need for perfection?

The way that I see it is that has humans we will always have a hard time being completely perfect. Below is the definition of the word perfection from the American Heritage Dictionary (the definition for perfect can be found here).

Perfection: n.1. The quality or condition of being perfect.2. The act or process of perfecting: Perfection of the invention took years.3. A person or thing considered to be perfect.4. An instance of excellence.
After reading the definitions for the words perfect and perfection you can see why people are always saying that things and people are perfect. But is perfect all that we should really think about? No it isn't. While it is fine to try and find something that is perfect in our lives, perfection shouldn't been the main focus every single day and minute, because hardly anything is going to be truly perfect.

The ultimate perfection that we are seeking can only be found in God and in heaven. Even though there are people out in the world that don't believe in God, the highest form of perfection is found in him. Whether we realize it or not we are hardly ever perfect and that the only way that we can try to find any sort of perfection in our lives is through God. Once we find perfection in God can we start looking for it in our own lives with his help.

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