Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Random Balls of Yarn

Well it's actually only one ball of yarn and I just took a couple pictures to share here. I originally wasn't going to post at all this week, but then I changed my mind. 

The idea behind my ball of yarn came off of Pinterest, like the majority of the things that I mention on here. A while ago, as I was scrolling through Pinterest, I came across a pin that showed you how to turn the scraps of yarn into one big ball without having to tie knots. So I saved it and decided to give it a try not to long ago.

Well I couldn't figure out how to do it like how it was being shown in the picture, so I gave up and started tying a bunch of knots in the yarn. As I kept going and finding more yarn to add on, the ball ended up turning into what is seen in the pictures. Now that I am pretty much finished with adding yarn I have no idea on what I am going to do with it. I had thought of using it for a blanket, but I don't know if there is enough yarn for that. Not to mention I am still sort of working on a blanket that I started knitting two years ago. 

Right before I started writing this post I thought of using the yarn to make another pillow or two with. I just know that what ever I end up using the yarn for it is going end up looking interesting with all of the different colors.

When I started writing this post in my head I thought of making some stuff with the yarn and then selling it. But then I changed my mind because depending on what I use the yarn for and if I sold it, I would have to find boxes that were big enough to fit the finished project in, depending on what I made. 

For only having a lamp to use for lighting and the camera on my phone, I think the pictures turned out pretty good. The colors that are showing make it look cool as well. 

Whatever I end up doing with the yarn will have to wait until I am finished making the second pillow, which is almost done, and a hat that my brother wants me to make him. While I am doing those it will give me more time to figure out what to do with it all. I can also start to figure out a knitting project for the yarn that I got back in June since I haven't even touched it since I got it. 

I will do my best to post a picture or two of the pillow and hat once they are both completed. There will also be a blog post coming up in the next few months with the story behind why I made the two pillows. But until then hang around and enjoy the random post that are to follow. 

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