Saturday, October 31, 2015


This is an original poem that I wrote and wanted to share on here. It's not the greatest thing ever written, but I hope you enjoy reading it.

Searching high,
Searching low,
Turning left and right.

What is it
That I seek?
Does it have a name?

Surrounded by everything,
But always alone.
Somethings in the air,
And ready to be found.
Ready to find
What can't be seen.
Searching in circles
I go round and round.

Sight, smell, sound, taste, touch.
With all five I search,
For what I can't see.

Does it have a name?
Will I know what it is
When I find it?
No one knows and
No one seems to care.

Blindly I search,
Until I can search no more.
When I stop I hope to find
What it is that I have
Been searching for.

Monday, October 26, 2015

This Crazy Thing Called Life

In the past month or so my life has gotten a little bit more crazy than normal. The reason for that is because my family and I are moving and we have been packing up the house. Last week we started working on the things in our new house that needed to be fixed.

We all love our new house, though it doesn't feel like ours yet. Even though we will be in a neighborhood there is a library right across the street from the house. There is also a forest preserve across the street as well.

On Sunday afternoon, after church, I learned how to paint a bedroom. I am sharing a room with two sisters and the light green color in our new bedroom needed to be updated. Now it is a very pretty blue gray color. My other sisters room is a little on the bright side, because three walls are painted purple and the last wall is painted pink. But they like it and they are having one of their friends paint a few fairies one one wall.

Once we move in, it will be extra crazy around the house with all of the unpacking that will have to be done. Especially in between work and school. Since we have been going over to the new house pretty much every to bring over boxes and to work on other stuff it is starting to feel a little like home. If course I am going to have to remember to not go back to the old house when I get off work.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Life Stinks

I was just reminded the other day that life stinks and that there really isn't a whole lot that we can do about it. Would it be nice if things went the way that we wanted them too? Sure it would be nice to have that happen. But life doesn't work like that and would we be truly happy?

If life worked the way that we wanted it too, hardly anything would get done. Not to mention we would stop being happy with it all. Since having life go the way we want it to in order to be happy, what will make us happy? The answer to that question is fairly simple. In order to find true happiness in our lives we need to turn to God.

When we turn to God and ask him for help we find ourselves on the road to finding true happiness. Will it be easy? No it won't be easy, but we just need to trust in God in order for it to start becoming a little bit easier each time. Of course if you don't ask God for help you won't be getting anywhere and life will still be stinking terribly.

Once we ask God for help and continue to turn to him to find it he will help us towards true happiness. Like I already said it won't always be easy because the devil will always try to stop you from finding true happiness. When the devil is given the chance, which is quite often, he tempts us with many things. And when we are tempted with things that we may not actually need, our lives start to stink again because we lost sight of the help God was giving us. Avoiding temptations isn't always easy because the devil wants us to give in to them, but with the help of God we can learn to start avoiding the traps that are laid out by the devil.

Just by simply saying a short prayer from the heart we are asking God for his help. When we do that we can find true peace and happiness in our lives. Will our lives still stink? Of course they will, but we can learn to make them stink less by having God help us and learning how to resist temptations. Even though it will be hard to remember and to do we need to continue to pray and ask for help when we need it, even if we think that we don't. Because when we ask for help God will be there to give it to us and to help us through it all no matter what.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The End of the Dock

This is another short, short story that I spontaneously decided to write and share on here. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Walking to the end of the rickety old dock Kailee sat down on the edge and let her feet hang in the water. Ever since she could remember Kailee had spent three weeks out of the summer up at the cabin with her family and she always hated when they had to leave. Sighing Kailee wished that they didn't have to leave the next day and that their family vacation wasn't over already.

As she sat there watching the sunset on the horizon Kailee felt the dock rock gently as someone walked down to the end. Not turning around Kailee knew who it was by the sound of the of their footsteps. As her dad sat down next to her on the end of the dock Kailee smiled and pulled her feet out of the water. Giving Kailee a hug her dad asked if she was ready to go. Even though she didn't feel like leaving, she nodded her head yes. Getting up, now that the sun had disappeared, Kailee's father helped her up.

"Will we still be coming back here next year dad?" Kailee asked her father as they slowly made their way up to the cabin.

"Of course we will, sweetheart," he smiled. "It's been a tradition ever since you were little."

"I know," Kailee replied. "I just wish we didn't have to leave here when vacations over."

"We weren't going to tell you or your brothers this yet," her father said a bit mysteriously. "But your mother and I were planning on making the cabin usable for living in year round instead of just in the summer."

"When is that going to stat?" Kailee asked excitedly.

"The few renovations will be happening once we leave."

Hugging her father tightly Kailee thanked him for making her dream of living at the cabin all year long become a reality.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Last night I had the opportunity to venerate the major relics of St. Maria Goretti!! It was an amazing experience. She came to a church in my area and there was over 15,000 people who came, some people drove 2-3 hours to be there. My family and I were at the mass that was in honor of St. Maria and there was people standing in the back of the church. The gym in the church's school was for overflow, but I don't know if anyone was in there watching the live streaming that the church was doing of the mass.

It is a little washed out but I was able to get a picture of the reliquary. When I left the church a little after 9:00 p.m. the line of people who were waiting to venerate the relics wrapped around the side of the school building. The venerating was supposed to end at 11:00 p.m. but there was still people in line at 11:30.

Here is a link to the website with the remaining tour dates of the relics. If she is going to be in your area I highly recommend that you go and visit her relics. It is well worth the long wait in line and it is a once in a life time experience.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fred the Jellyfish - An Original Short Story

This is a short story that I was inspired to write by the picture. Even though I don't really know much about jellyfish I hope you enjoy reading my short story.
A long, long time ago, in the depths of the ocean there lived a lonely jelly fish named Fred. He was always looking for friends to hang with in the blue waters of the ocean. But no one wanted to be his friend and that made Fred very sad. 

As he continued to swim along and find new friends Fred wondered what it was like out of the water. But every time he tried to reach the top of the water, the waves pushed Fred back under. Not giving up Fred continued to try, until one day when he grew too tired of the waves constantly pushing him back under the water again. 

One day as he was swimming along Fred finally made some friends in a large group of jellyfish. Happy to have some friends at last Fred stayed with them as they continued to swim around. After traveling the ocean with his friends and having the time of his life, the happy little jellyfish left his friends behind. Though he was sad to leave his friends forever Fred knew that he would see them again some day. As he died Fred smiles as he thought of the wonderful friends that he had made and he hoped that they would miss him as much as he would miss them,

The End