Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fred the Jellyfish - An Original Short Story

This is a short story that I was inspired to write by the picture. Even though I don't really know much about jellyfish I hope you enjoy reading my short story.
A long, long time ago, in the depths of the ocean there lived a lonely jelly fish named Fred. He was always looking for friends to hang with in the blue waters of the ocean. But no one wanted to be his friend and that made Fred very sad. 

As he continued to swim along and find new friends Fred wondered what it was like out of the water. But every time he tried to reach the top of the water, the waves pushed Fred back under. Not giving up Fred continued to try, until one day when he grew too tired of the waves constantly pushing him back under the water again. 

One day as he was swimming along Fred finally made some friends in a large group of jellyfish. Happy to have some friends at last Fred stayed with them as they continued to swim around. After traveling the ocean with his friends and having the time of his life, the happy little jellyfish left his friends behind. Though he was sad to leave his friends forever Fred knew that he would see them again some day. As he died Fred smiles as he thought of the wonderful friends that he had made and he hoped that they would miss him as much as he would miss them,

The End

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