Friday, October 23, 2015

Life Stinks

I was just reminded the other day that life stinks and that there really isn't a whole lot that we can do about it. Would it be nice if things went the way that we wanted them too? Sure it would be nice to have that happen. But life doesn't work like that and would we be truly happy?

If life worked the way that we wanted it too, hardly anything would get done. Not to mention we would stop being happy with it all. Since having life go the way we want it to in order to be happy, what will make us happy? The answer to that question is fairly simple. In order to find true happiness in our lives we need to turn to God.

When we turn to God and ask him for help we find ourselves on the road to finding true happiness. Will it be easy? No it won't be easy, but we just need to trust in God in order for it to start becoming a little bit easier each time. Of course if you don't ask God for help you won't be getting anywhere and life will still be stinking terribly.

Once we ask God for help and continue to turn to him to find it he will help us towards true happiness. Like I already said it won't always be easy because the devil will always try to stop you from finding true happiness. When the devil is given the chance, which is quite often, he tempts us with many things. And when we are tempted with things that we may not actually need, our lives start to stink again because we lost sight of the help God was giving us. Avoiding temptations isn't always easy because the devil wants us to give in to them, but with the help of God we can learn to start avoiding the traps that are laid out by the devil.

Just by simply saying a short prayer from the heart we are asking God for his help. When we do that we can find true peace and happiness in our lives. Will our lives still stink? Of course they will, but we can learn to make them stink less by having God help us and learning how to resist temptations. Even though it will be hard to remember and to do we need to continue to pray and ask for help when we need it, even if we think that we don't. Because when we ask for help God will be there to give it to us and to help us through it all no matter what.

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